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Edgeplays belong within the BDSM scene to the erotic role-playing games, which move in the border area between consensual and not consensual acting. The active partner consciously receives full decision-making power over the boundaries of the role play from the passive partner in advance. Thus tunnel games are only possible over, since they cannot be terminated before expiration of a certain period by their nature. The naming of the term tunnel game is based on the building of the same name. As a rule, tunnels must be driven through to the end without stopping. The practices that can be assigned to tunnel games include, among other things, figuring or scarfing. A frequently occurring scenario from the area of educational games also has the character of tunnel games. The passive person is punished by the active partner through unpleasant and painful measures, which usually cannot be ended by a safety word and thus increase the educational effect. A special type of tunnel game can occur in self-bondage. Sometimes precautions are taken not to be able to end the self bondage before a certain point in time, which gives the person a particularly authentic feeling and thus increases pleasure. For example, timers can be used or keys can be frozen in ice blocks. Within BDSM, so-called non-agreement is one of the most far-reaching forms of subordination. For the top, this is the most intensive way of exercising power. He really determines everything. Health, psyche and even the life of the passive partner are in his hands. Edge play requires a great deal of trust in the active partner. It is controversial within the scene whether they fall under the area of metaconsensus. Advocates argue that this sexual practice consciously gives permission from the bottom in advance to renounce a safety word and that the session cannot be interrupted. This fulfils the conditions for a disagreement. Critics point out that the top has no influence on the termination of the session if, for example, a burning ointment was applied. Then the top can no longer reverse the effect. At the beginning of the session, both partners know that the game (figuring) has a certain effect that cannot be reversed. So neither bottom nor top have the possibility of aborting. In metaconsensus games, however, the dominant partner always has the possibility of abandonment. Consensual role plays can always be terminated by a security word. Since this is not the case with tunnel games, legal problems may arise in the event of accidents or consequential damage. Since the passive partner's consent cannot be withdrawn before the end of the session, the top partner could be accused of intent, which he can only refute with difficulty.