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Love Machine, Fuck Machine, Sex Machine

Fuck machines or sex machines are electrical or mechanical devices in which an attached dildo replaces the natural movement of the man during sexual intercourse. Thus the device can simulate vaginal or anal intercourse for the woman without the participation of the man and stimulate the anus in the man. Good devices achieve a stimulation comparable to that of a real partner.
These sex toys are now also available on the market. As a rule, they are transportably stored in a suitcase. In addition to dildos in several sizes, special accessories are also available for use. These include, for example, an attachment for simulating a blowjob. Dildos that can be filled with liquid are also available, which can simulate an orgasm at the touch of a button.
The company HS Systeme, based in Frankenthal, Palatinate, is the exclusive distributor of the Magic Motion fucking machine. The device has been tested by the TÜV and has the CE marking, which certifies the free marketability of industrial products in the European internal market. The Standard model is a portable unit. It is driven by an electric motor, which is protected in a housing and fitted with a fuse accessible from above. Various attachments can be attached to screwable aluminium rods of various lengths.
The enterprise Edgar Otto from Hanau sells Fickmaschinen of the private label Hornybag as well as devices of other manufacturers in various Onlineshops. Also here the standard equipment is a transportable suit-case. The construction is similar to the Magic Motion fucking machine.
A special type of fucking machine is the Sybian. This was developed by the American Lampert and consists of a padded trestle with a rubber attachment screwed on the middle. Dildos, pimples or anal plugs can be attached here. The attachment is then set into vibration by an electric motor.
In addition, the trade also offers some devices Made in China. However, these devices do not have a good reputation. With about 80 decibels they are considered too loud in operation and not very desire increasing. As far as hygiene is concerned, accessories covered with fabric or non-welded accessories such as dildos do not meet European standards.  
There are also numerous instructions on how to build your own fucking machine on the Internet. It should be noted, however, that the use of electrical equipment is particularly dangerous because it has not been tested by the TÜV.
Fick machines belong to the most luxurious sex toys at all. The devices available in the trade begin with approximately 400 euro. Depending upon equipment also several thousand euro can come together.