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The gentle way

Bizarre Massage: The hard way

Taking a tough line

Do you like to experiment? Are you turned on by the thought of being completely tied up and gagged, surrendered to the mercy of a captivating woman or a charismatic man? Do you harbour a secret desire to be blindfolded and enveloped in an exhilarating symphony of touch? Then put yourself in our skilled hands and experience a session designed specifically around your wildest fantasies and desires. Your bizarre lady will welcome you in an appropriate fetish outfit in a stylishly decorated S&M playroom.

Tantalization Sessions and Prices

60 MinutesCHF 400.-Euro daily rate
90 MinutesCHF 550.-Euro daily rate
120 MinutesCHF 700.-Euro daily rate


You have the choice of the following methods of tantalization:
to be completely tied down to spread bench, genital bondage, nipple drill with clamps, anal play with plugs and vibrators, spanking, nettling, figging, forced shave, extensive T&D cock massage with warm oil

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