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the experienced professional

The curious beginner

Have you long harboured secret and bizarre fantasies, but so far you have never dared act them out? Do you get a tingling sensation when you think about a sensual woman who ties you down and inflicts bittersweet acts of pleasure and pain all over your ex-cited body? Do you dream about a dominant Lady who you can give yourself over to body and soul without having to assume any kind of active role? Do you yearn for the rich scent of leather, the soft touch of latex or the intoxicating look of a woman dressed in glossy vinyl and thigh-high boots? But are you still unsure whether this is really something for you and whether the fantasies you dream about also feel good in reality? Don’t be scared!

Our team of Ladies are extremely sensitive, well trained and experienced. They will guide you safely and securely on a journey of discovery into the erotic recesses of your mind and release you from the stresses and strains of your everyday life.

Bizarre fantasies do not always have to involve pain; we greatly enjoy totally pain-free games and sessions as well. If this is still too much for you, we also offer curious beginners a guaranteed pain-free and thoroughly relaxing bizarre massage, which combines an erotic kick with the healing relaxation of a traditional massage.

Our Ladies are open-minded, friendly and affectionate and are eager to accommodate even the most unusual of wishes. We do not have a “standard menu” or offer “unquali-fied services”. Our motto is: “Enjoy the magic of touch” – at the very highest level.
Every guest who visits our studio is warmly welcomed by our professional staff. In a personal consultation, we take all the time in the world to sit together with you to dis-cuss your bizarre wishes, secret dreams, innermost desires and invigorating fantasies so we can then turn them into exhilarating reality in your scheduled session.

So pluck up the courage to live out your most private of passions and enjoy each and every precious moment. We at the Andana team look forward to your visit.

Choose your mistress!