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From Feathers to Whips

Our guests have been asking us for “strict” massages for many years. With an open attitude and a curious mind, we embarked on a journey of discovery into the realms of the bizarre, and the more we delved into these fantasies, practices and games, the more we became enticed by this exciting new world.

We yielded to this temptation, refined our knowledge and educated ourselves in all aspects of this scintillating art and have created our very own bizarre world where we can pander to these desires: an elegantly decorated S&M playroom complete with professional furnishings and titillating equipment for an extensive range of BDSM games.

Now we can share our newly discovered pleasure with our guests and make (almost) all of their dreams come true.

We are delighted to be able to offer you exciting BDSM sessions and bizarre massages in an adequate ambiance.

Our strict mistresses look forward to playing with you!