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Adult Baby Play (Role Play) - Diaperism Fetish

The adult baby wears diapers (see Diaperism) and is cared for and nurtured by their mothering partner. Within BDSM, Adult Baby Play is an erotic role play in which the passive partner assumes the role of an infant or toddler and is treated by the active partner according to the assumed age. The technical term for this sexual practice is auto-epiophilia.
In practice, it is more common for men to assume the role of the child than women. The passive partner receives the sexual excitement through the role of the child in need of help and the feeling of being cared for by one's own person. Therefore, this practice differs from conventional sexual satisfaction in that erection and ejaculation do not necessarily occur. Just the feeling of being mothered by the active partner is enough to experience erotic satisfaction.

In principle, baby plays are classified in the area of dominance and submission, since the aspects of power and powerlessness associated with the age difference played an important role. A subgroup of this part of BDSM are the erotic age plays, in which one or both partners play roles that do not correspond to the actual age. The tendency to imagine oneself as a child in sexual fantasies was already described at the beginning of the 20th century in the book by Boudard and Romi "The Golden Age of Bordello".
The more authentic the environment, the greater the sexual excitement. Diapers, bottles, pacifiers, lattice playpens, baby cots and toys are therefore common utensils. However, deviations from the normal case are quite common. For example, the bottle can be filled with champagne instead of milk. During the role play, the active partner assumes the usual actions in a mother-child relationship or father-child relationship. This includes changing diapers, cleaning with powder and baby oil, swaying to sleep or communication in baby language.

Within the role play the gender can also be changed due to the fictitious basis. The role of an older man as a naughty girl is conceivable or the woman pretends to be a little boy who is brought up as a man by his fictitious father with erotic educational games.
This practice should not be confused with pedophilia, in which the sexual interest is actually directed at children in the prepubertal stage.
A special type of baby play is erotic lactation, which involves breastfeeding a partner for erotic reasons. Other variants are the preference for wearing diapers or rubber trousers without role-playing components or other sexual fetish preferences from the area of baby games. Fictitious incest is one of the more severe variants of baby games. But this is one of our taboos, because sex is not part of our BDSM sessions and bizarre massages.