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This is a form of male genital torture that can be classified in the broadest sense as Cock and Ball Torture (CBT). Literally one would have to translate the term with "smashing testicles" or "destroying testicles". Ballbusting, however, is more about a man's desire to be kicked in the testicles or a woman's desire to kick a man in the testicles. This is the most widespread practice. Ballbusting, however, also refers to other variations in which the testicle is subjected to a pleasurably painful torture in a variety of ways. These include practices such as tying, hitting with the flat hand or other objects such as whips and paddles, squeezing the testicles with the hand or foot or boxing in the testicles.

Since the man's testicles are very sensitive to impact, this practice is always a painful affair. However, for the lovers of this variety, a kick in the testicles causes a high sexual excitement, which can lead to orgasm. The kick itself does not have to play the most important role. In the fantasy of the one who is kicked in the testicles, the play for dominance and submissive behavior causes the sexual arousal, which is ultimately increased by a committed partner, who also enjoys this practice.

Sind beide Teilnehmer männlich, wird von male-male-ballbusting gesprochen. Einige Männer empfinden Genitalfolter auch aus voyeuristischer Sicht erregend und vermeiden den Schmerz des eigenen Genitalbereiches. Hier kommt es ausschließlich über die Ebene der Fantasie zur sexuellen Erregung. Auch für viele Frauen ist das Treten in die Hoden des Mannes sexuell erregend. Die Macht über die Männlichkeit des Mannes wirkt hier Lust steigernd.

The spectrum of this form of sadomasochism ranges from mild discomfort to severe pain. While for some men a slight kick with the knee in the testicles is already sufficient, others only feel pleasure when the kicks are performed with high heels or even spike heels.

There are no geographical limits to dissemination. Ballbusting has a long tradition under the term Tamakeri, especially in Japan. In Tamakeri videos, this practice is portrayed pornographically and is mainly aimed at men with a masochistic disposition who find Tamakeri sexually stimulating.