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Breath Reduction - Breath Control

Breath reduction is one of the most dangerous areas within BDSM. The active partner literally gains control over the life and death of the passive partner. The English term for this is Breath Control. This practice involves the restriction or complete withdrawal of the supply of breathing air for a certain period of time. The pleasure gain of the passive partner results from the manipulation of the vital basic need breathing and the associated release of adrenaline.
Breathing reduction leads to one of the greatest control losses that participants in a BDSM session can have, because it inevitably leads to death if it is not stopped in time. Also from this fact some lovers of this practice draw a special kick and pleasure gain. It comes to an orgiastic state, which is felt as a kind of intoxication and is described by lovers of this sexual practice as more enjoyable than an orgasm. For the active partner, the pleasure gain comes from the feeling of power over life and death. The passive partner is completely at his mercy.
There are numerous variants of breath reduction. Basically, a distinction can be made here between withdrawal of the direct air supply and withdrawal of the oxygen supply to the brain. One of the most frequently used methods is the hand-over-mouth method (HOM). As the name suggests, breathing is made difficult or impossible for the passive partner by the active partner holding his hand on his mouth. Especially shortly before an orgasm this leads to an additional pleasure gain.
Another type of breathing reduction is the narrowing of the chest. The active partner can sit or stand on the chest or corset. This technique usually does not lead to complete withdrawal of the air supply, but severely restricts it. Another possible utensil would be tension straps, with which the chest can gradually be tightened more and more.
The types of games that involve depriving the brain of oxygen include choking games and hanging sessions. The oxygen supply to the brain is interrupted by artery compression at the neck or by tracheotomy. This can be done with the hands as well as with other utensils such as ropes, cords, nylon stockings, scarves or special choke collars. Here the breath reduction also affects the area of bondage.
Drowning makes it impossible for the bottom to breathe by keeping the head or the whole body under water. Chemical substances such as nitrous oxide are also sometimes used to cause changes in blood pressure and thus an oxygen deficiency.
In the field of fetish games, gas mask sex is a popular form of breathing reduction. Here the bottom feels the surrounding narrowness of latex or rubber as lust increasing.
With all these techniques some safety precautions are advisable due to the danger. Since powerlessness and disturbances of consciousness can occur, the active partner should act with increased attention and never leave the passive partner alone. For this reason, auto-erotic breathing games performed alone are strongly discouraged. Furthermore, a reduced oxygen supply to the brain can also lead to impairments long after the session. The reaction can still be slowed down, especially when operating machines or vehicles. Breathing games should never be held in combination with drug or alcohol consumption.