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Hot Wax Games

A popular utensil for sadomasochistic practices is hot candle wax. This is dripped on the naked body of the bottom and creates a pain, which it can feel as pleasure-increasing. The range of sensations caused by hot candle wax can range from a pleasant feeling of warmth to severe pain. This depends primarily on the temperature of the wax. Since cold and solid wax is unsuitable, the temperature is usually between the melting point and the evaporation point, so that the aggregate state is always liquid. The temperature in the liquid state can be influenced by additives such as stearin, paraffin, oils, perfumes or fats. Beginners in candle wax games should use grave lights for the first handling of hot wax. Their wax mixture contains a high proportion of essential oils, which bring the melting point into the range of the human body temperature. Advanced users often use beeswax candles, whose wax only becomes liquid at about 62 to 65 degrees Celsius. Here the danger of burns is already substantially higher. Some candles available on the market with larger proportions of colorants and fragrances have an even higher melting point than beeswax candles. Since a burning candle only produces small amounts of liquid wax around the wick, hardboiled BDSMers have started to heat larger amounts of wax in a container. With this method, the risk of burning increases rapidly because the temperature of the completely melted wax is increased again and the skin has to cope with larger amounts of heat at the same time. By heating in the vessel, the wax temperature approaches the evaporation point, which can be up to 300 degrees Celsius. So here you have to be very careful. However, wax also cools down very quickly, so that just a few seconds at room temperature are sufficient to lower the temperature of the wax significantly. With candle wax games it is advisable to reduce the distance to the body only gradually and to observe the sensations on the skin closely. The head area should be avoided in any case, since eyes and ears react very sensitively to it. Otherwise any other part of the body can be treated with liquid wax within the framework of candle wax games. Even the dribbling of the mucous membranes in the genital area is practiced, as this leads to stronger sensations. Furthermore, before treating the skin with liquid wax, it is advisable to shave heavily hairy areas of the body, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the cooled wax. Special hairbrushes for animals are also available on the market. The use of baby oil is also a popular method for removing cold wax from body hair. A special variation of candle wax games is the pretended treatment of the skin with hot wax in the context of psychological mind fuck games. The bottom is blindfolded and the top lets it smell the candle and perceive the sound of the lighting. Instead of hot wax, the skin of the bottom is then drizzled with ice-cold drops of water, which produces a similar effect for a fraction of a second, but is completely harmless.