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Caning, Slapping and Spanking

Caning, Slapping, Spanking und Flagellations are one of the most commonly used sadomasochistic practices. They are offered by many prostitutes and dominatrixes, but are often practiced by couples. A central component of educational games is always the punishment of an alleged misconduct. The punishments can be of a purely physical nature as well as psychological humiliations. Educational games are always based on a strict agreement. How educational games actually take place depends strongly on the needs of the partners. As a rule, the top (dominant partner) chastises the bottom (submissive partner), which is associated with a sexual sense of pleasure for both actors. Corresponding sexual practices are carried out in all relationship constellations and are applied in both heterosexual and homosexual partnerships. Whether other sexual activities are part of the role play in addition to punishment depends on the previously agreed rules. The roles of bottom and top can also be taken alternately, but a change usually takes place at the beginning of a new session. Since for educational games few or no sex toys are needed, these are often carried out at home. In many SM clubs, however, it is possible to carry out corresponding BDSM practices in a specially designed room. In this context, old classrooms with wooden school benches are popular. The top can assume the role of the punishing teacher, while the bottom takes on the role of the naughty pupil who has to be chastised. The punishment in this case is usually done by hitting the buttocks - be it with the flat hand or with a paddle. Many punishment items can be found in any ordinary household, but more specific sex toys can also be purchased in a sex shop. However, Tease and Denial practices are also widespread, in which the submissive partner is denied sexual satisfaction in the form of an orgasm. Educational games can be played in many different ways, whereby the intensity of the pleasure pain inflicted can vary greatly. In any case, a safety word should be agreed before the beginning of the corresponding BDSM practices, which leads to an immediate interruption of the games when pronounced. A safety word or safeword is necessary precisely because whimpering and begging for mercy are often part of an educational game and therefore misunderstandings can arise between the partners. By their very nature, educational games are classified in the area of dominance and submission. Transitions, especially to sadomasochism and masochism, are common when punishment is part of the role play.