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Castration Games

Here a role play, in which the (mostly very devote) man can live out his castration fantasies.

Just as the majority of men consider penis and testicles to be body parts that are particularly worth protecting, a minority feel the desire for castration. These fantasies can be lived out especially in the context of role plays in the area of dominance and submission. Actual castrations are mainly carried out in long-term relationships that are characterized by a dominant woman and a submissive man. From the point of view of depth psychology, such men have the desire to renounce an archaic claim to power. This applies in particular to his fertility. The longing for a permanent loss of control drives him to give up his masculinity in a sexual context.
Emasculation usually takes place by removing the gonads. This surgical intervention without medical indication is illegal in many countries and is carried out by so-called cutters within the BDSM scene. In a few cases, a penectomy is also performed, i.e. the surgical removal of the penis or a glanseectomy in which only the glans is removed.
Within a role play in the context of clinical eroticism or in the area of dominance and subjugation, the emasculation only takes place to appearances. In a psychological game, the bottom is, so to speak, fooled into believing that his testicles or penis will be removed. The English term mind fuck has established itself in the scene for this. Characteristic for such role-playing games is the uncertainty of the bottom about the course of events. This is often associated with a restriction of the perceptive faculty, for example through a blindfold. The bottom only hears the sharpening of the knives or other noises of a surgical preparation and experiences an additional kick. He is overcome by a feeling of complete helplessness and is completely at the mercy of the top.
A usual distribution of roles in this context is that of slave and ruler. The male bottom voluntarily submits to his ruler and enjoys the change of power structures. In return, the ruler enjoys the power with which she can dispose of her slave. Punishments often aim at a refusal of sexual needs. This includes, for example, forced inseminations or the coercion to chastity with the help of chastity belts or penis cages. As a maximum punishment, the ruler can then impose the punishment of castration if the slave has committed misdemeanours such as masturbation. In such role-playing games, men can live out their castration fantasies without actually exposing themselves to the removal of the testicles or penis.