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Chastity Belts and Penis Cages

Penis cages and chastity belts are a popular instrument in BDSM practices that are designed to remove some of the self-control from the wearer. While chastity belts appeared around 1500, penis cages have probably only been common for a few decades. One often hears that chastity belts were already used in the Middle Ages to guarantee the chastity of their wearers during a longer absence of the man. However, this may be a myth. In fact, chastity belts did not become popular until the Baroque era and were probably used as sex toys even then. Modern chastity belts, sometimes also called Florentine belts, are made of materials such as acrylic or stainless steel. They are stretched around the waist in such a way that they cover the crotch, making sexual intercourse and masturbation impossible. Each belt has a lock that can only be opened with the right key. The keyholder has the sole power to free the wearer of a chastity belt from it. Through the role distribution created in this way, it is possible for both the active and the submissive partner to feel pleasure. Penis cages or so-called "chastity bells" serve the same purpose as chastity belts, but are specially designed for men. They are used in both hetero- and homosexual relationships. A penis cage has a tube into which the penis can be inserted. There are a variety of design variations. While some penis cages completely prevent an erection of the penis, others allow it. In the latter variant, rings are often used which become narrower towards the tip of the penis. With increasing size the erection becomes more and more painful. Chastity belts and penis cages are used for various sadomasochistic games. While in most cases sexual stimulation and orgasm to increase pleasure should only be prevented for a certain time with the help of sex toys, there is also the possibility of permanent wearing, which forces the wearer to complete chastity. In many cases, the active partner has sexual encounters with other partners during this time. Modern chastity belts and penis cages adapt to the shape of the genitals with millimetre precision. This is necessary to prevent wound rubbing and infections. With many models it is advisable to shave the pubic hair before wearing, as it can quickly become trapped. For hygienic reasons, a chastity belt or penis cage should be removed at least once a day when worn for longer periods of time, so that shame and sex toys can be thoroughly cleaned. For safety reasons it is possible to open many chastity belts independently without the keyholder. After the "unauthorized" opening, however, the belt can no longer be put on without the knowledge of the keyholder.