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Dilators are metal shaped, slightly curved and rounded at the tip rods in various thicknesses. Dilators are medical devices used to dilate body orifices, particularly the urethra, anus, vagina or cervix. In the context of sexual practices, they serve as utensils for erotic stimulation. Urethral dilation is the most common way to use dilators. Since the urethra is located in the genital area of the human body, stimulation by dilatation is particularly pleasurable for many people. In women in particular, the opening of the urethra through the clitoris surrounding it is an erogenous zone. In men, the urethra is also surrounded by erectile tissue. The English term for urethral stimulation is Urethral Stimulation or Urethral Play.
In addition to dilators, other aids can also be used. For this purpose, the industry offers urethral vibrators or special probes for electrostimulation. Also complete dilator sets in different sizes are now freely available on the market. In the absence of such utensils, everyday objects such as wires, nails or hairpins are used again and again. However, this is not advisable because the sensitive area of the urethra is very prone to injury. It can come to tears of the urethra or to infections due to germs. In any case, the object used for urethral stimulation should be fracture-free, not sharp-edged and sterile. Medical dilators are safer because they are designed for this purpose. They are usually made of surgical steel, sometimes stainless steel or aluminium. Latex dilators are also available in sex shops.
Sterility of the utensils is a prerequisite for avoiding infections. This is achieved, for example, by boiling with water. Afterwards the dilators should not be touched with the hands, because these contain numerous germs. Wearing latex gloves and using a sterile lubricant is recommended.
In the broadest sense, urethral stimulation belongs to the field of sadism-masochism due to pleasure pain. However, there can also be overlaps with other areas if sexual practice is used, for example, in the context of clinical eroticism. The possible appearance of fainting towards doctors and nurses in this context can also affect the areas of discipline, dominance and submission. A possible variation here is the control of the bladder by means of catheters. Then it is not the process itself that is perceived as pleasurable, but the difference in power within the framework of role plays. An intensified type of urethral stimulation is urethral intercourse. The penis is inserted into the woman's urethra. Since the diameter of the female urethra is normally too small for this practice, it must be gradually stretched in the long term. However, this form of urethral stimulation is very rare.