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Electro Games - TENS

Medical technology often serves as a role model in the training of sexual practices. This also applies to electrostimulation. The stimulation current technology used for purely medical reasons, for example in the case of nerve failure for therapy purposes, was gradually also used for erotic electrostimulation. The terms E-Stim or electrosex have also established themselves within the scene.
Strictly speaking, erotic electrostimulation was not adopted directly from medicine, but took the detour via the fitness industry. In the 50's the industry developed so-called passive training devices, with which muscle building and fat dismantling was possible by electric currents. It is reasonable to assume that the owners of such devices discovered an erotic pleasure gain by placing the electrodes consciously or unconsciously near the genital area. From the 1980s onwards, devices were developed for the first time that were specially designed for erotic stimulation. In addition to the advent of digital technology, a rapid development of electrodes also took place over the course of time. Today there are devices with two or more electrodes, which are specially manufactured for erotic purposes in terms of material and shape.
As a rule, such devices use direct current or low-frequency alternating currents. Violet walls are an exception. These are based on the Tesla transformer and administer high-frequency alternating currents with very high voltage and low current intensity. However, the current is contained in a glass bulb for mitigation purposes, so that only small electric shocks are administered when it comes into contact with the skin. The device is often used in conjunction with blindfolds, so that the receiver does not know where the next electrical impulse is coming from on the body, thereby increasing sexual tension.
In conventional devices, the human body serves as an electrical conductor and thus closes the circuit between the electrodes. Numerous sex toys can also replace the electrodes. These can be for example anal plugs, probes, needle wheels or metal gloves. A basic distinction can be made between direct and indirect stimulation. The former directly stimulates the primary genitals such as the penis, scrotum, vagina or clitoris. If the electrodes are placed near the genital area, for example between the thighs, this is referred to as indirect stimulation. Another variation in men is stimulation via the anus. This results in electrical stimulation of the prostate and an increase in pleasure, which can lead to ejaculation.
Special lubricants are often used to enhance the effect. These are water-based gels which are mixed with common salt and thus increase conductivity.
With many devices current strength and pulse frequency can be controlled individually. This enables a number of different perceptions to be made by the receiver of the current pulses. These can range from small impulses such as those of a vibrator to electro-fence-like throbbing to stabbing pain such as in an electric shock.