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As the name suggests, in this practice one partner, usually the woman, sits on or over the other's face. The woman is dressed. Facesitting can be part of a breathing reduction game or the pleasure gain for the passive partner results from the contact with a fetish. One example is jeans sitting, in which the active partner sits on the face of the passive partner wearing jeans. Most frequently, however, vinyl, leather or latex clothing comes into question as a fetish. In the context of a BDSM session, face sitting is regarded as an intensive form of erotic humiliation. The practice is often part of a role play between dominant and submissive partners and serves the demonstration of power and the creation of a hopeless situation for the passive partner. The pressure of the whole body creates an immobilization of the bottom (passive person). Since this immobilization occurs primarily through the woman's pubic bone, buttocks, hips and thighs, the man is suggested on a higher level to lock his head by the woman's most feminine body parts. Smell and darkness produce an intense erotic humiliation which is perceived as a strong sexual attraction.

Depending on the sitting position, facesitting can be divided into different variations. In addition to the fullweight described above (with full weight), the woman sits with her face in the direction of the man's feet during reverse (the other way round). Also special aids can be used to increase the comfort when practicing this practice. One example is the Smotherbox. It contains an opening at the front and at the top. Through the front opening, the head of the passive person is inserted in such a way that his face fills the upper opening and thus provides direct access for the active person. Such functional furniture is often padded on the inside and provides a further kick by removing acoustic stimuli. As a rule, these are custom-made individual pieces using valuable woods and leather. They usually have a certain meaning for their owners. Customers who own their own personal Smootherbox are therefore welcome to bring it with them to a session.

Another variation of this practice is pure facesitting. The woman sits down undressed on the man's face. Cunnilingus (oral excitation of the vagina) and anilingus (oral excitation of the anal region) are in the foreground. Since our bizarre massages contain neither sex, tongue kisses nor oral intercourse, this practice belongs to our taboos and is therefore not offered.