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Foot Job

The term Footjob is derived from English and means as much as footwork. This sexual practice is classified as foot fetishism. Neither hands nor other body parts are used. The term Footjob also includes the areas:
- Toejob" (toe work): Stimulation only with the toes.

- shoejob" (shoe work): Stimulation with the shoes.

- Trampling": Running around on the partner with or without shoes.

- The "footjob" is a sexual practice with the feet, which is based on the two terms blowjob and handjob.

As a rule, the feet are used to massage the partner in the genital area, to sexually arouse him and also to sexually satisfy him. Footjobs are performed more frequently on men than on women. However, there are also women who have a preference for footjobs.
In the female sex, the feet are used to touch the erogenous zones of the woman and stimulate them with forward and backward movements, for example on the breasts or vagina. The procedure is similar for men: the partner uses the sole of his foot and/or the top of his foot, with or without toes, to stroke or rub the genital area of the partner. Skilful users can pinch the partner's penis between the middle and big toe and imitate this posture with the other foot on the opposite side. Another variation is to use the sole of one foot and the top of the second foot. The feet surround the limb, regardless of whether or not the toes point in the same direction as the glans. Depending on the partner's preferences, the full surface or only part of the sole of the foot can be used in erotic adventures. At the same time the feet on the limb are moved up and down until an orgasm occurs.
A footjob is especially good when the soles of the feet are soft and covered without calluses. Delicate, soft feet adapt to the shape of the limb and lead to a kind of warm enclosure of the penis. So clean and well-groomed feet can be an advantage, because not only the pure movement can stimulate the partner, but also the aesthetics play a decisive role. If the feet are slightly sweaty, they stick better and do not slip as easily during movements. Oils and other lubricants are counterproductive, because the foot hardly finds adhesion with such means. As already indicated, the practitioner can also bend the toes around the limb and thus avoid slipping away. There are no regulations as to whether a footjob should be performed with socks, stockings or other clothing. Warm feet are always part of the stimulation.