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Candle Wax Games

Forced Ejaculation

A game in which a male bottom (passive person) is forced to ejaculate by the active person (dominatrix) independently of his own will. As a rule, an attempt is made to avoid an erection of the man, as he should not feel any desire to do so. Forced desemination is therefore often part of a role-playing game with elements that are not consensual. Within the role-play, forced ejaculation is either a punishment for the passive person or is used as a preventive measure for the health of the passive person in the case of prolonged sexual relationships under the premise of chastity. Although the term coercion suggests a disagreement between the active and passive person, for the bottom it is precisely the notion of extreme helplessness that eroticizes this practice. Sometimes even a situation that is perceived as unpleasant in reality is enough to stimulate pleasure. Since it is usually difficult to arouse a man immediately after an orgasm, forced desemination also serves as preparation for role plays in which pain eroticism increases pleasure for the partners involved. The practice can be carried out in different ways. In the ideal case a reflexive ejaculation and thus an orgasm is avoided. By slowly massaging the sperm out of the prostate using pumping milking movements, the erectile function and stamina of the man are increased for the time after the procedure, so that his stamina for further role-plays is increased. The optimal position of the passive person for this technique is when she lies on her side and pulls her legs at an angle to the body. This makes it easier for the active person to access the prostate via the anus. Latex gloves are recommended for hygienic reasons. Forced semen collection can also be performed as an independent procedure within a session. In this case, the dominant person can order the man to masturbate several times, thus achieving a transition from pleasure to pain. The use of electrostimulators is also conceivable, whereby the greatest effect is achieved in the anal area instead of on the testicles or glans. However, this technique is very risky and requires a high degree of sensitivity from the dominant partner. Many men therefore prefer to use pumps, suction devices or vibrators. If the practice is carried out during a session in a studio with strangers, a preliminary talk about the man's wishes is therefore essential. A code word can also be agreed here, which ends the session immediately if one of the partners wishes. One variation of this practice, which may give the persons involved an even greater kick under certain circumstances, is the so-called "externally determined milking". The man is forced by several persons, which on the one hand serves the dominatrix as a power demonstration and on the other hand can inspire the fantasy of the passive person with regard to extreme helplessness.