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Forced Feminization

Forced feminization is closely linked to feminization. While a man voluntarily slips into the role of a woman in the context of feminization, humiliations and humiliations play an important role in forced feminization. According to the concept of safe, sane consensual (SSC), forced feminization takes place on the basis of mutual agreement. Both the dominant and the submissive partner can experience pleasure within the framework of forced feminization. Forced feminization can be applied in hetero- as well as in homosexual relationships.

Numerous different variations are used to design the outfit of the part to be humiliated. Often, however, men humiliated within the framework of forced feminization are dressed according to certain stereotypical female roles. Through the use of high shoes, a lot of make-up, skintight clothing and short skirts, the clichéd image of a prostitute can be emulated. This results in an additional humiliation of the man, which is often perceived by both partners as particularly pleasurable. But also other role models are implemented again and again in the course of forced feminization. Thus for example also stressed bourgeois woman dresses are used. The so-called "Sissy boys" represent a further role type. Sissy boys are characterized by a very girlish clothing style, which often seems childlike.

Since the sexually arousing humiliation in this sexual practice is increased by the involvement of the public, it often happens that forced feminizations are also lived out publicly. In an attenuated form these can be acquaintances or like-minded people at a meeting in an SM club. The more intense form takes place in a very public environment, for example while shopping in a supermarket.

Forced feminisation usually refers not only to the wearing of a certain female outfit, but also to the assumption of traditional clichéd female roles. Forced feminised men therefore often take on tasks such as cleaning, dusting or cooking. In addition, a penis cage is often used. This cage is intended to reinforce the experience of being emasculated within the framework of forced feminisation. By losing control over one's own genitals and by preventing an erection and/or orgasm, sexual arousal can be further increased. Also the use of a female name for the forcibly feminized man is often practiced.

Punishment plays an important role in forced feminization in many role plays. Physical as well as publicly humiliating punishments with a offence against the taken up woman role are nothing unusual and are to strengthen the training on the appropriate role. How far forced feminisation and the punishments associated with it go depends on the will of the partners.