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Heavy Rubber

Rubber games or rubber eroticism, latex fetish or rubber fetishism is a fetishism that refers to articles of clothing or sometimes also to objects made of rubber. This is a relatively common fetish, so many sex shops are equipped with rubber garments. There are also shops specializing in latex that offer a wide variety of rubber sex toys in addition to clothing. The attraction that latex exerts on many people can usually be found in several properties of latex. On the one hand, latex feels very fascinating on the skin. The tight-fitting latex clothing gives the impression of wearing a second skin. In addition, you alienate yourself from your own body in this way. Latex lovers report that they feel "depersonalized" and trapped. This effect of depersonalization is mainly caused by wearing latex masks. Under close-fitting clothing, the wearer usually begins to sweat very quickly. Also this strong sweat development is perceived as fascinating and sexually stimulating by some people who practice latex games. In addition to the haptic stimuli of latex, there are also auditory and olfactory stimuli. Many people not only perceive the smell of latex as stimulating, but also feel the squeaking noises that latex clothing makes when putting on and taking off as well as when moving as exciting. In addition there is the body shape emphasizing component of latex, which is often perceived as erotic. A latex fetish is also present if the corresponding clothing is not worn by the wearer, but only the observation of latex wearers is perceived as sexually exciting. The latex fetish is often combined with various other BDSM practices. For example, erotic role plays with a bondage component are not uncommon. Also various educational games are carried out with pleasure in latex clothing. Many Dominas offer their services predominantly in latex clothing. A special variation is the so-called gas mask sex, in which one or both partners wear a gas mask. This sexual practice is usually combined with breathing reduction games. Wearing latex clothes for a longer period of time is not completely safe. Due to the tight fit of the latex clothing, sweating can quickly become intense. Especially in warm temperatures, the body is heavily stressed in this way, so that sufficient cooling is no longer guaranteed. Latex clothing is therefore not recommended for very warm temperatures. In addition, you should drink enough liquid when using them. A further danger point can be narrow masks, if these can not guarantee an oxygen supply any longer completely.