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Pin Wheel Games

One of the BDSM utensils that has made its way from medicine to studios and bedrooms is the needle wheel. It is a metal wheel that is attached to a handle. The wheel has several pointed metal pins. In medicine, the device is called Wartenbergrad after its inventor. In the BDSM scene it is usually referred to as a needle wheel or nerve wheel. Originally designed to test the sensitivity to pain in anaesthesia patients, it is usually used in an erotic context as a punishment instrument. The needle wheel is rolled over the partner's skin. Depending on the part of the body and the pressure exerted, different degrees of pleasure pain can be caused, ranging from tingling to stabbing pain. The needle wheel can be used in all areas within BDSM. In bondage, for example, rolling the soles of the feet is a popular practice when the partner is tied to the feet. In the area of dominance and submission, the device can be used, for example, in educational games as a punishment aid. Also in the clinical eroticism it serves often in the role-playerischen handling with medical devices as Utensil. Last but not least, the needle wheel is also an effective tool in the field of sadism and sadomasochism for the generation of pleasure pain even in harder SM sessions, especially when the needle wheel is rolled over the sensitive skin areas in the genital area. The material is available in surgical steel or chrome-plated brass. Some machines also have more than one wheel (up to seven), which allows the associated effects to be increased. The prices for commercially available nerve wheels range between 25 and 35 Swiss francs. For domestic use, a copy wheel is often used instead of the Wartenberg wheel. This is almost identical, but serves more as a cutting tool for cutting out patterns. The use is therefore not completely harmless, because the skin can be injured quickly. Since the instrument is also used for the sensitive skin areas in the genital area, it is recommended that the instrument be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use. For this purpose, it is sufficient to place the device in boiling water for two to three minutes. This kills all germs and avoids possible infections.