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S & M or SM Games

Sado-Maso are the abbreviations of the terms sadism and masochism, which stand for the last two letters of the abbreviation BDSM. They thus form the umbrella term for any kind of sexual practice in which the partners experience pleasure through the addition or experience of power, humiliation or pain. One characteristic that distinguishes sadists and masochists from the rest of the BDSM community is the ability to easily exchange roles. The term Switcher has established itself in the scene. They can exercise power, inflict pain or humiliate as well as control to endure pain or be submissive. In society, the stereotypical image of sadomasochists hardly corresponds to reality. Outsiders usually assume that sadomasochism, as opposed to domination and submission, is the more physical side of BDSM practices and reduce this part of BDSM to receiving and inflicting blows on the human body. In practice, however, the area of Sado-Maso includes all methods whose purpose is to inflict or feel pain. Sadomasochistic practices rarely occur independently and the transitions to bondage and discipline as well as dominance and submission are fluid. Strikes are only a small part of this. The variety of practices in this area is enormous. It has been shown that a high percentage of people are willing to practise sadomasochistic practices at a high level and can thereby assume either of the two roles. However, this proportion lives predominantly in relationships that are characterized by dominance and submission and usually do not require an intense sadomasochistic component. Basically, the male share of sadomasochists is rated higher than the female share. Masochism is a characteristic of human nature that cannot be found in other species. There are countless people who seek opportunities to be harmed, humiliated, punished and even tortured or destroyed. Some sociologists argue that an organized society would be impossible without these masochistic traits in the majority of the population. Of all the practices within the BDSM scene, sadomasochists struggle most to be portrayed as mentally disturbed and that sadomasochism is denied equality with other sexual preferences and is often seen as a disorder of sexual behaviour requiring treatment. However, the classification of erotic and consensual sadomasochism as paraphilia is gradually being revised. The pioneers here are Denmark and Sweden, where sadomasochism is no longer classified as a sexual disorder.