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Adult Baby Play (Role Play)S&M - SM


The word spanking comes from English and means there as much as beaten up or spanked. This refers primarily to blows to the clothed or naked buttocks, but in a broader sense also to other parts of the body. The beating is done either with the bare hand or with a suitable instrument. On the one hand, household objects such as the backs of hairbrushes, carpet beaters, cooking spoons, spatulas, rulers or belts can be used. On the other hand, certain percussion instruments such as cane, rod, paddle, tawse, riding crop or whip can be used especially for this purpose. Depending on the percussion instrument, special terms such as caning or paddling may also be used. In English-speaking countries, spanking is still a common term for corporal punishment, which is carried out in the context of education both in schools and at home. In the German-speaking countries, on the other hand, the term stands almost exclusively for corresponding practices in the BDSM field. These can be practised on their own or integrated into a role play or SM session. The active part is also called Spanker, the passive part Spankee. In BDSM contexts, spanking is sometimes regarded as a less hard form of flagellation. Depending on the context, the strokes can be used solely for erotic stimulation and can also be administered reciprocally or a domina or dominus can be used for punishment within the framework of a role play. Depending on the percussion instrument and the execution of the strokes, a different intensity of pain is achieved. While lighter strokes or slaps only lead to a temporary reddening of the skin, higher intensity strokes can also cause striae, which remain visible for several days. The chip can assume different positions during the spanking session. Lying over the knees of the spanker (also OTK for "over the knee") as well as over an armchair, a chair or a table bent positions are common. In addition, the Spankee can also be placed on a penalty frame and fixed if necessary. Additional effects can be achieved by wearing gags or masks that prevent the Spankee from screaming or limit his sensory perception. The uncertainty about when and where the next blow is to be expected is often perceived and used as an additional stimulus in the context of a spanking session. Outside the BDSM scene there is also a pure spanking scene, which partly consciously distinguishes itself from other BDSM practices and dedicates itself exclusively to this one variety. Often there are combinations with role plays such as teachers and pupils, superiors and subordinates or similar. In some cases, the participants also attach great importance to not combining their spanking activities with any other sexual activities.