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Stinging Nettle Games

Scarfing is a type of tunnel play that can no longer be interrupted once it has begun. The core of scorching, sometimes called nettling or urtication, is the use of nettles. Their stinging hairs break off on contact with the skin and injure it. In addition, the sap of the plants causes burning pain when they come into contact with the skin, which can be felt as pleasurable. Fresh nettles are usually spread over the scrotum during scorching, but anus, vagina, breasts and other body parts can also be treated with nettles, so that scorching can in principle be used in all partner constellations. It is used as a sexual practice in both hetero- and homosexual relationships.
Before the scrotum of the scrotum is coated with fresh nettles, it is usually treated with alcohol from the pharmacy. This not only serves to clean and disinfect the skin, but also to remove the protective fat and sebum layer of the skin so that the stinging hairs of the nettles can penetrate unhindered into the skin. In men, it is recommended to tie up the scrotum so that the dominant partner can brush the testicles with nettles without hindrance. If the limb is tied around the abdomen, the scrotum usually pulls up automatically. In addition to brushing certain parts of the skin, nettles can also be used as a kind of crop. In addition, it is possible to place some nettle leaves in the clothing - for example in underpants, knickers or bras. Thus it is also possible to go out or receive company, which can further intensify the pleasure pain through the psychological component.
The first contact with stinging nettles causes a piercing, hot pain, which gradually turns into a constant burning. This burning only slowly subsides and can last for several hours. In addition, small and large blisters form on the skin. During this time the sensitivity of the skin to pain is extremely increased. If nettles were used on the buttocks, simple strokes with the flat hand can cause very intense pleasure pain. Therefore, the scorching is sometimes combined with a light spanking. Since nettles increase the blood circulation of the skin, the genitals are also much more sensitive. Thus the juice of the nettles always has a stimulating effect on the libido, which can lead to a significant increase in pleasure.
Other types of scorching also include practices that use burning ointments or other substances that cause unpleasant pain.
The use of this BDSM practice is not without its dangers. There are therefore a few basic rules to follow. The neck and head region should never come into contact with nettles, as contact with the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract can lead not only to difficulty swallowing but also to shortness of breath. An oral application of nettles is strongly discouraged. In order to avoid possible inflammation of the glans, it is advisable to protect them with a condom during scorching.